Development and implementation of compensating activities for providing the seismic resistance of equipment and pipelines of systems important for safety

V. O. Kurov, V. O. Posokh, T. V. Pirogov

State Enterprise “State Scientific Engineering Center of Control System and Emergency Response”, 64/56, Geroiv Statingrada ave, Kyiv, 04213, Ukraine



One of the requirements for extending operation during the over-design period of NPP power units is to perform seismic resistance assessment (qualification for seismic effects) of equipment and pipelines of systems important to safety. According to the results of such work at power unit 1 of the Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant for a number of equipment and pipelines, it is necessary to perform compensating activities aimed to increase seismic resistance. To implement compensating activities, it is necessary to develop technical solutions based on the design and estimate documentation.

The design and estimate documentation is developed in accordance with the current norms of Ukraine and consists of working drawings, estimate documentation (local estimate, statement of production costs) and an explanatory note describing the implementation of the technical solution.

Working drawings are performed for the selected options for the technical solution of compensating activities. For example, if to increase seismic resistance, it is necessary to install an additional support structure for the pipeline or equipment, the working drawings should contain a detailed description of the new additional support.

The main technical solutions for increasing the seismic resistance of equipment and pipelines are: development of an additional supporting metal pipeline; development of additional steel support for pipeline valves; mutual fastening of interacting elements; elimination of construction with interact of the equipment. The justification of technical solutions is performed by calculation analysis using modern software codes.

The article presents two examples of technical solutions: the development of additional support for the pipeline pressure compensation systems; mutual detachment of pipelines in order to avoid interaction of reinforcement with pipeline.

Keywords: nuclear power plant, compensating activities, design estimates documentation, seismic resistance, maximum calculated earthquake, technical solution.


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