Comparative Analysis of Updated Concepts of Decommissioning of Operating Nuclear Power Plants

O. A. Purtov, O. M. Masko

SE “State Scientific Engineering Center for Control System and Emergency Response”, 64/56, Heroiv Stalinhradu ave., Kyiv, 04213, Ukraine



The basic provisions of updated concepts of decommissioning of operating NPPs of Ukraine are given. In all the concepts, two possible options for decommissioning of the NPP units are considered — delayed dismantling and urgent dismantling, which are close in acceptability with the relative advantage of the delayed dismantling option.
According to the results of the comparative analysis of these two variants, the basic variant of decommissioning of the operating NPP units of Ukraine is a variant of delayed dismantling of NPP units with a holding time of 30 years before dismantling. For all NPPs optimal variants of decommissioning have been developed for delayed dismantling with a delay of 20 to 30 years. Optimal variants are recommended as a basis for the development of NPP decommissioning projects.
The description of the development of radioactive waste (RAW) management systems at operational NPPs for the preparation of RAW for transmission to the state for disposal was made.
Assessments for basic variants of operating organization allocations to the financial reserve of decommissioning and amount of annual allocations to disposal of operating RAW and decommissioned RAW were given.
Comparative analysis of the preparation status of the operating nuclear power plants of Ukraine in accordance with the decommissioning concepts was carried out according to the following parameters: decommissioning strategy; spent nuclear fuel (SNF) storage strategy; consideration of options for delayed dismantling; prospects for SNF management; development of RAW management system; development of the organizational structure of the decommissioning activity; detail implementation of the decommissioning stages; state of preparation for the control engineering and radiation survey; financial allocations to decommissioning (depend on the
year of unit start-up and resource generation as at 2005); financial allocations to the disposal of RAW (depend on the generation of electricity).

Keywords: nuclear power plant, concept of decommissioning, WWER-440, WWER-1000, long-term forecast of decommissioning, assessment of allocations to decommissioning, extension of the resource, comprehensive engineering and radiation survey.


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