Small Modular Reactors: Safety and Economic Indicators, Perspectives of their Deployment into Unified Power Grid of Ukraine

V. V. Demianiuk

Public Union “Nuclear Energy Innovation Institute”, Kyiv, Ukraine



Small modular reactors (SMRs) is a perspective technology for further development of nuclear energy sector, which has advantages as compared to the large nuclear reactors: less capital investments and implementation time, higher expected safety indicators, potential for power capacity maneuvering and as a result – better response to the needs of the energy market. The progress of light-water SMRs projects in the short term, as well as the overview of the SMR basic technical and economic indicators are represented in the paper. On the basis of NPC “Ukrenergo” data, the study of SMR advantages for the Unified Power Grid of Ukraine was conducted. Special focus was given to the maneuvering characteristics of SMRs and SMRs synergy with the renewable energy sources with changeable generation. The priority measures for SMRs implementation in Ukraine were formulated.

Keywords: small modular reactors, safety and economic indicators, unified power grid, low-carbon energy sources.


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