Measuring the Equivalent Dose Rate Over the Shelter Object after Completion of the New Safe Confinement

M. V. Saveliev1, 2, V. A. Krasnov2 , A. P. Levchenko2,
A. E. Novikov3, A. Y. Evstigneev3, M. A. Pantin4

1 Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, 42, Akademika Glushkov ave, 03187, Ukraine
2 Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants, NAS of Ukraine, 36a, Kirova st., Chornobyl, 07270, Ukraine
3 State Specialized Enterprise “Chornobyl NPP”, p.o. Box 11, Slavutych, 07101, Ukraine
4 LLC “Digital Data Pro”, 7, Druzhby Narodiv ave, Slavutych, 07101, Ukraine



An experiment on measuring the equivalent dose rate over the Shelter object after the completion of the construction of the New Safe Confinement is described. Measurements of the gamma radiation were performed in the time of commissioning of the New Safe Confinement with the help of the sensor installed on its Main Cranes System. The carriage with a sensor was moved by a chaotic trajectory so the method of missing data interpolation was proposed. As a result, a cartogram of the distribution of the gamma field at the level of movement of the bogies of the Main Cranes System of the New Safe Confinement is provided in this paper.

Keywords: Shelter object, New Safe Confinement, radiation mapping, gamma radiation, equivalent dose rate.


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