Geospatial Data Management to Solve the Problems of Radiohydroecological Monitoring on the Territory of the Chоrnobyl NPP Industrial Site

N. V. Sosonna

Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants,
NAS of Ukraine, 36a, Kirova st., Chornobyl, 07270, Ukraine



Radiohydroecological monitoring has been carried out by the Department of Design of Facilities for Radiation-Nuclear Technologies of the Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1996. Implementation of these activities involves the accumulation of a large amount of data. Hundreds of thousands of data are stored on electronic and paper media. Therefore, there is a problem of processing and analysis of various data groups for decades, geospatial data management. To solve this problem, we propose the use of digital cartographic analysis, data processing and visualization in space and time and the method of geoinformation modeling. To solve the problems of radiohydroecological monitoring, a project was created, where all archival and modern research materials from 1973 to the present were used to fill the geospatial database. Maintaining a geodatabase allows you to quickly obtain complete information on the hydrogeological conditions, the state of pollution of any point of the study area for the entire period of observations. For example, digital maps of the groundwater regime allowed clarifying the direction of the impact of radiation-hazardous objects after the reduction of the level in the cooling reservoir on the environment, and justifying the drilling of new wells for more effective monitoring. The use of GIS tools allows increasing labor productivity, reducing the cost of cartographic products and services for the creation and updating of cartographic products.

Keywords: radiohydroecological monitoring, geodatabase, stratigraphic model, digital maps, geoinformation modeling


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