Application of the Research Method of the Angular Distribution of Gamma Radiation Intensity Using the DC-R Device

D. O. Khomenko1, 2, 3, V. V. Yehorov1,
L. I. Pavlovskyi1

1 Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants,
NAS of Ukraine, 36a, Kirova st., Chоrnobyl, 07270, Ukraine
2 Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems
of the NAS of Ukraine, 42, Acad. Hlushkova ave., Kyiv, 03187,
3 Wolfgang Pauli Institute, 1, Oskar-­Morgenstern-­Platz,
Vienna, 1090, Austria



The paper presents the results of the application and verification results of the effectiveness of the method of studying the angular distribution of gamma radiation intensity using a dosimeter MKS-07 “Poshuk” with a remote detector in the collimator (DC-R). The purpose of this work is to verify the effectiveness of the method using the DС-R device on pre-known sources and to obtain an array of data in one area from different points. Before the start of the study, an analysis of available data on the radiation situation was performed. This allowed determining a sufficient number of measurements of angular distributions to verify the effectiveness of the method and the location of measurement points. As a result of the analysis of the initial data from the radiation state, it was decided to investigate the area of the Shelter object from the west to the east. Known source in the blockages of the central hall of of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4 of the Shelter object are located in this zone. The obtained measurements results of the quantitative characteristics of the angular distribution of gamma radiation intensity are presented graphically. As a result of the study of the angular distribution of gamma radiation intensity using the DC-R device, the high efficiency of source recognition was proved even in conditions of high gamma fields. After processing the obtained results and their analysis, the following conclusions were formulated:
1. The effectiveness of this method in the study of the angular distribution of gamma radiation intensity has been confirmed. This is seen when comparing points K1 and K3.
2. A hitherto unrecorded source of ionizing radiation was found, which forms a radiation state at the study site, which corresponds to point K2.
3. It is confirmed that in high fields of ionizing radiation this method is inappropriate in connection with the receipt of personnel of high dose loads during research.
4. Background values were recorded in the directions
with no radiation sources, so they are not reflected on the cartograms. This is due to the fixation of gamma rays by the detector passing through the lead walls of the collimator. This proves the effectiveness of shielding the detector from powerful sources and allows it to be used in high fields.

Keywords: angular distribution, gamma radiation, biological protection, Shelter object, ChNPP.


1. Khomenko D. O., Yehorov V. V., Pavlovskyi L. I. (2021). [Analysis of the impact of new structures on the radiation conditions of the site adjacent to the NSC SO complex]. Proceedings of the International Scientific-­Practical Conference “Chornobyl Disaster. Current Problems, Trends and Solutions” (Zhytomyr, April 22–23, 2021). Zhytomyr: Polissia University, pp. 163–166. (in Ukr.)

2. Batiy V. G., Yegorov V. V., Pravdivyi А. А., Kochnev N. А., Selukova V. V., Khazhmuradov М. А. (2008). [Development of methods of research of radiation situation at working zones of the Shelter object]. Problems of Nuclear Power Plants Safety and of Chornobyl, vol. 10, pp. 155–165. (in Rus.)

3. Rudko V. M., Pavlovskyi L. I., Balan O. V., Khomenko D. O., et al. (2021). [New Safe Confinement (NSC). Start-up complex 2 (PC-2). Dismantling of unstable structures of the Shelter object of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant as part of the “early” dismantling. Stage 2. Radiation survey on access roads and work areas]. Chornobyl, 2021. (in Ukr.)

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