Open-access Statement

The scientific journal “Nuclear Power and the Environment” adheres to the policy of Open Access in accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). All articles are placed indefinitely and free of charge immediately after the release of the volume. Real time full text access in to articles is presented on the official website of … Read more

Publication Ethics

PUBLICATION ETHICS AND PUBLICATION MALPRACTICE STATEMENT General principles An editorial staff of the scientific journal “Nuclear Power and the Environment” seeks to follow high standards of publication ethic. An editorial staff and an editorial board of the Journal take all necessary measures to prevent any violations of ethics when deciding to publish an article, at … Read more

Review of the manuscripts of articles submitted to an editorial staff of the Journal

1. Before publication each manuscript goes through the review by an editorial staff. If it does not meet the minimum requirements (according to the topic, scientific level, presence of scientific results and preparation rules), the author gets reasonable refusal. In other case, the manuscript is reviewed. The reviewer is elected according to the recommendation of … Read more

Plagiarism policy

The scientific journal “Nuclear Power and the Environment” publishes entirely original materials that have not been published before and are not under review in other publications. Inappropriately cited or quoted text or assigning rights to the results of others’ research are considered plagiarism. The plagiarism in the article is identified by the editorial board, as … Read more

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