SE “State Scientific and Engineering Center for Control Systems and Emergency Response”
CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society”

Issue 11

ISSN  2311-8253

Published :  2018-06-14

Features of modeling and strength calculation reinforced concrete envelope of the reactor compartment of NPP in the APM Structure 3D software package
V. Kurov, Y. Mussaui, A. Sukhoruchko

Updated concept of Rivne NPP units decommission
O. Purtov, A. Masko, A. Karaschuk

On inclusion of plasma complex of solid radioactive waste recycling in the composition of the complex for recycling of radioactive wastes at Rivnenskaya NPP
A. Kornilov, S. Barbashev

Analysis of environmental consequences in operation of wet storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel
S. Azarov, O. Zadunay, V. Evlanov

Simulation of pipelines by double-dimensional elements of the type «pipe»
T. Pirogov, A. Kolyaduk,V. Shelofast

Application of natural and polyamine-modified montmorillonite Oglanlyn deposit (Turkmenistan) for water purification from cobalt (II)
M. Keymirov

Overview analysis of conditions and consequences of hydrodynamic strikes in equipment and pipelines of systems important for the safety of nuclear power plants
V. Skalozubov, O. Chulkin, D. Pirkovskiy

The use of methods of experimental substrates in the monitoring of biological hindrances in the exploitation of water supply systems and testing of antifouling coatings
A. Protasov, I. Morozovska, N. Laskovenko

Control of environmental state of the NPP cooling pond on the basis of water transparency data
T. Novoselova, A. Golod, A. Levitsky, A.Protasov

Invasive gastropods in the technoecosystem of Zaporizhzhya NPP
V. Yakovenko, A. Sylaieva, A. Protasov

Validation of the computational models of the spent nuclear fuel pool and of the cooling system of the spent nuclear fuel pool water
O. Ishchenko

Obtaining ” magnegas ” in the processed coal chips and using it in the peak loads of the energy system
Y. Komarova-Rakova

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