SE “State Scientific and Engineering Center for Control Systems and Emergency Response”
CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society”

Issue 3

ISSN  2311-8253

Published:  2014-06-14

Updating of Decommissioning Conception of operating NPP’s in Ukraine
Vasylchenko V., Masko O., Purtov O.

The main positions of the “Concept for managing spent nuclear fuel of VVER-1000 and products of its reprocessing which are to be returned to Ukraine”
Vasylchenko V., Masko O., Novosolov G.

The choice of binding materials for cementing the evaporation residues from VVER Units
Olkhovyk Yu., Korchagyn P.

Balance evaluation for the formation of vitrified high level waste at VVER-440 Rivne NPP spent fuel reprocessing
Olkhovyk Yu.

Some features of the operation of a system “container + radio-active waste” for storage/disposal of long-lived radioactive waste
Andryevsky V., Vasylchenko V., Zhygalov I., Sandul G.

Modeling of processes of water masses autopurification from radioactive substances
Belyaev V., Volkova E.

Ecological-hydrodynamic characteristics of the cooling pond at Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant
Timchenko V., Timchenko O., Huliaieva O.

Application of the generating functional method to the radionuclides expansion problem
Ryazanov V.

Clarification of the latent factors that require preventive action of specialized feedwater system of NPP’s equipment
Derevyanko O.

Modeling of physical-chemical processes inside the Sarcophagus
Azarov S., Taranovski O., Sydorenko V.

Matrixes for immobilization of radioactive salts liquid waste residue
Goncharuk V., Pshinko G., Puzyrnaya L., Masko A.

An important biotic component of technical and ecological systems of NPP and TPP (Book Review: Contour grouping of hydrobionts in the TPP and NPP techno- and ecosystems / A. A. Protasov, A. A. Silaeva)
Afanasiev S.

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