SE “State Scientific and Engineering Center for Control Systems and Emergency Response”
CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society”

Issue 4

ISSN  2311-8253

Published:  2014-12-14

Modern practice of cost estimates for the NPP units decommissioning
Masko O., Purtov O.

Expanding the functionality of radiological monitoring of the environment around nuclear power plants for decision-making purposes
Barbashev S., Lysychenko V., Popov A.

On the necessity to enhance general safety requirements for nuclear power plants
Klyuchnykov О., Skalozubov V., Gablaya Т., Vascshenko V., Kozlov I., Gerasimenko Т., Hudyma A., Skalozubov K.

On the need to improve methods of qualification of main steam isolation valve for water / steam-water medium
Vasilchenko S., Kozlov I., Kochnyeva V., Skalozubov V.

Radionuclides accumulation in the basic components of forests ecosystem in Kiev Polissya and Lisostep forest
Davidov M., Protas T., Savuschik M.

Sorption-desorption of 137Cs and 90Sr in the migration and deactivation processes
Pshinko G., Kobets S., Fedorova V.

Comparative analysis of values of 90Sr distribution coefficients as in the case of soils of Chernobyl exclusion zone
Yarmosh I.

Steam explosions at severe accidents in pressurized nuclear reactors
Kozlov I.

About conditioning of lava fuel-containing masses from the Shelter
Olkhovyk Yu.

Novel composite fibers for selective removal of caesium from highly saline solutions
Bondar Yu., Kuzenko S., Olexandrova N., Koromyslichenko T.

The use of magnetic isotope effect for the separation of uranium isotopes
Lysenko O., Demikhov Yu.

On issue of liquid radioactive wastes reprocessing by fractional division of components
Ivanets V., Koryakin V., Gaidin O.

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© CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society” 

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