SE “State Scientific and Engineering Center for Control Systems and Emergency Response”
CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society”

Issue 7

ISSN  2311-8253

Published:  2016-06-14

Current status and activities to improve environmental safety of nuclear power
Barbashev S.

Additional technical opportunities for improvement of NPP safety and reduce the risk of negative influence of nuclear power facilities on the environment
Pogosov A.Yu., Derevianko O.V.

Impact of the Rivne NPP on tritium volumetric activity in the Styr River
Vit`ko V. I., Goncharova L. I., Zhegulini Iu. N., Kartashov V. V., Kovalenko G. D.

Regime of degraded heat transfer in the flow of supercritical water in the channels with rod bundles
Kovetskaya M., Kondratieva E., Kovetskaya Yu., Kravchuk A., Skitsko A., Sorokina T.

The experience of many years hydrobiological monitoring of NPP technoecosystem
Protasov A., Sylaieva А., Novosolova T.

Features of hydrobiological regime of Khmelnitsky NPP technoecosistem under conditions of lowering of water level
Stepanova T., Protasov A., Silaeva A., Novosolova T., Gromova Ju.

The estimation of ambient doses of the cosmic ray components and their density fluxes in Kyiv
Pshenychniy V. A., Arkhypov V. M., Gorbyts L. V.

Current status of to overcome ChNPP accident consequences
Krotenko V.V.

Volumetric and piston pumps for nuclear power plants and their main prolems
Zhou Huiyu

Efficiency and time
Korolov O.V.

Water purification compounds of U(VI) with the use of magnesium-iron layered double hydroxides
Keymirov M. A., Pshinko G. N., Puzyrnaya L. N., Kosorukov A. A, Yatsyk B. P.

Absorbent materials for the purification of aqueous media from the uranium (VI)
G. N. Pshinko, L. N. Puzyrnaya, B. P. Yatsyk

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© CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society” 

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