SE “State Scientific and Engineering Center for Control Systems and Emergency Response”
CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society”

Issue 8

ISSN  2311-8253

Published:  2016-12-14

Approaches to the assessment of cyclic strength of NPPs pipelines and equipment by program complex APM Structure 3d
Oborskyi I., Kurov V., Posokh V.

Analysis of updated scenarios of nuclear energy development of Ukraine up to 2100
Vlasenko N., Godun O., Kyrianchuk V., Pyshna D.

Identifying trends of typical thermal-hydraulic parameters for early diagnostic of compensable small leaks
Khomych Yu.

Transboundary impact on the territory of Russian Federation at maximum design basis accident at Zaporizhzhya NPP in Ukraine
Kartashov V.

Use of the theory of hyper-random phenomena and correlation analysis for noise diagnostics of reactor equipment
Skorbun А., Stadnyk S., Kotelenets V., Salov D

System of NPP operational safety management: estimation scale and zones of management
Berzhanskiy S.

On the technological conditions of lava fuelcontaining masses vitrification of the object Shelter
Olhovyk Yu.

Synthesis of fibrous polymer and nanocomposite sorbents for environmental protection
Bondar Yu.

About disposal of NPPs salt radioactive wastes in Chernobyl exlusive zone
Olkhovyk Y., Fedorenko Y., Rozko A.

Researches of a Possibility of Receiving “Magnegas” From Water-Coal Mix
Korolev O., Komarova-Rakova Y.

Generalized method of optimization of periodicity of tests and scheduled repair for safety systems of nuclear power plants
Skalozubov V., Vasilchenko S., Perkovsky D., Klevtsov S.

Improvement of the qualification process of NDT systems in Ukrainian nuclear power by implementing contemporary international practice and establishment of a new Qualification Body
Kravets V., Кustov K.

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© CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society” 

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