SE “State Scientific and Engineering Center for Control Systems and Emergency Response”
CO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society”

Issue 9

ISSN  2311-8253

Published :  2017-06-14

Choice of a method for determining the cyclic loading parameters for calculating the accumulated and predicted damage of NPP equipment elements
K. Bakhtina, V.Kurov, V. Posokh

Choice of conservative assumptions in justification of nuclear safety of VVER 440 SFA storage systems
V. Borysenko, V. Goranchuk, Yu. Piontkovsky

Risk-based approach to the assessment of the effects at the nuclear power plant offsite in severe accidents at NPP unit
S. Barbashev

Conceptual model of the operator decision-making support system for early diagnostics of small leaks
Yu. Khomych

Complex evaluation of the management and maintenance of water chemical modes in second circuit of Rovno NPP units no. 1-4 with ethanolamine correction treatment
P. Kuznetsov, A. Tihomirov, N. Кustova

Preliminary model of the heat distribution through geological repository barriers
O. Mykhalchuk, Iu. Shybetskyi

Evaluation of ecological risk to emissions of the fly ash and its components to Zmiivska thermal power plant based on the fractional composition
G. Kovalenko, V. Vіtko, H. Khabarova, V. Kartashov, G. Gutkov, V. Levenets

Analysis of applicability of the results of experimental researches of hydrodynamics to pump systems of thermal and nuclear energy installations
A. Mazurenko, V. Skalozubov, D. Pirkovsky, O. Chulkin, Zhou Huiyuy

Hydrobiological regime of technogenic pond in the zone that is adjacent to Khmelnitsky NPP
А. Protasov, А. Sylaieva, Т. Novoselova, Yu. Gromova, T.. Stepanova

The processes of formation of water and wetland vegetation in the cooling pond of Khmelnitska NPP under unstable water level regime
A. Protasov, A. Tsybulskyі

The Shelter object transformation into an ecologically safe system with the creation of a special industrial use area
D. Stelmakh, V. Kuchinskiy, A. Platonenko, L. Shumilova

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