Plagiarism policy

The scientific journal “Nuclear Power and the Environment” publishes entirely original materials that have not been published before and are not under review in other publications. Inappropriately cited or quoted text or assigning rights to the results of others’ research are considered plagiarism.

The plagiarism in the article is identified by the editorial board, as well as verified by the editorial staff using the software Advego Plagiatus and eTXT.

Manuscripts where the plagiarism or text borrowing without referrals to the original source were detected may be returned to authors for refinement or rejected from publication in the journal.

In case of detecting the fact of plagiarism after publishing of the article in the journal, the editorial board may decide to designate plagiarized pages in the online version of the article, delete them from the file or delete the entire article.

In order to avoid plagiarism, it is recommended to use Recommendations on the prevention of academic plagiarism and its detection in scientific works developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Plagiarism factsheet developed by Elsevier publishing company.

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, violations of academic integrity also include self-plagiarism as the disclosure of the part or whole their previously published scientific results as new ones. Since each published manuscript is protected by the copyright of the publisher, the author can not copy his own material for the new manuscript without the permission of the copyright owner. An exception may be for the quoting of the author’s short phrases from his own work with appropriate citation.

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